User Profile – Joshua Silberberg/USA – Sync-Gen IILE

Hi David, attached are a picture of the space  – Sync-Gen IILE front & center and thanks again for making such a great product!

“This year our production company has been moving from pop & rock to dance, and one thing we needed to stay vital through that transition was the continued experience of playing real instruments. Hardware synths are fulfilling, but it’s difficult to use them effectively in conjunction with a DAW…

Enter the Innerclock Systems Sync-Gen II. It doesn’t just ‘give you back your space bar’ and features like latency compensation – the Sync-Gen II gives you back your workflow. If you want to make fun, energetic music, it’s important to keep your process fun & energetic too. Cutting out MIDI timing nonsense and latency issues altogether has helped do just that, and left even more time for creativity in the process.”

Gear list:

Future Retro XS/Elektron Monomachine/DSI Tempest/NI Maschine/API Preamps/SSL XLogic Bus Compressor/Lavry Black A/D & D/A Converters/Digi 003/NS-10s & Tannoy Ellipses for monitoring/Fender & Gibson guitars/Shure, Sennheiser & AKG microphones

Sync-Gen II LE

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