User Profile – Cyrusrex/USA – Sync-Gen IILE

Many years of living in a world of sequencing on analog gear, then laborously recording to computer track by track, then finally tweaking sync by hand just got solved. I have been using the Sync-Gen IILE from my computer to clock my studio together in perfect solid sync. From computer it goes to all sorts of devices, 808, 909, 303s, 606, Machine Drum, Mono Machine, a Tempest, a couple of analog sequencers driving a huge modular rig, and many other devices. I also use two Sync Shift MK II units to tweak grooves between it and devices. Everything I throw at it is handled as expected. This is a absolute must have device if you are using equipment with different formats and from different eras. It also excels even when you throw ultra fast tempos, or even strange tempo changes at it. Looking forward to seeing what else is cooking up in the secret labs at Innerclock Systems, and expanding my possibilities! Thank you – cyrusrex

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