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I’d given up on having accurate sync between my DAW and my hardware a long while back. I’d ditched the computer, bought a vintage Roland Din-Sync box and was a hardware only artist.

This was fun for a while, but still quite limited then I finally got my hands on the Sync Gen II Pro.

After a quick install and setup this was the first time everything, and I mean everything, was running reliably in tight sync. This seemed to me to be the missing link. I now use Ableton as a master sequencer, running mostly MIDI through my Unitor 8 and just one FM8 plugin.

The Sync Gen II PRO has no fewer than 7 x Din-Sync machines slaved from it plus MIDI out to sync my effects units. I can now have the TR808, TR909, TR707, TR727, TR606, MC202 and X0XB0X all synced tight via their DIN sockets.

No fuss. Tight every time. No glitches. No slop.

Finally something I can dance to. Huge smiles all round.

There’s something special about these machines running in perfect harmony, and to add the flexibility and programming ease of Ableton Live is the best of both worlds. Now the drum machines can do what they do best alongside a truly great live DAW. All night every night.

Thanks of course to Innerclock Systems. Sync On!”

Jeremy Kirk – aka – The Primary Colour

Current Studio Rig: Roland TR-909/TR-808 (with Robin Whittle memory mod)/TR-707/TR-727/TR-606/Boss DR-110/AceTone Rhythm Ace/Dave Smith Poly Evolver/Roland MC-202/X0XB0X/Yamaha DX-7/Yamaha TX-81Z/Korg MS-10/Frostwave Midi to CV Converter/Yamaha DX-200/Yamaha CP-70b/ARP Omni II/Rhodes 73 MKII/Wurly/AKAI S-6000/Korg SDD-1000/Korg GR1/Korg DL-8000R/Korg AM-8000R/Yamaha SPX-90/Sony DPS-D7/Sony Dual Compressor/BBE Sonic Maximizer/Deltalab Delay x 3/AKAI ME-30P/AKAI ME-35T/Alesis MMT-8 MIDI sequencer/Roland SBX-80 x2/Malekko B:Ass Master Distortion/Frostwave Sonic Alienator/TouchProne Custom DIN Interrupt-Split/TouchProne Custom MIDI Interrupt-Split/Jeanius Electronics Russian Dragon/Yamaha NS10m Studio Monitors/Ableton Live/Native Instruments FM8/Emagic Unitor 8 MIDI interface/RME Fireface 400 audio interface

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