DAW Latency Numbers

I found these numbers which expand on the previous post – Latency and Feel. I haven’t revisited these for some time but from memory they are accurate. Let me know if anyone thinks they are off the mark. First image shows the waveform offset between the DAW source track audio and the bounced audio after taking a round trip through the audio interface DAC > ADC running at 48kHz with a buffer of 1024 samples and onto a new DAW audio track. A simple application of this would be sending a vocal from a DAW track out to an external effect unit (analogue filter/compressor etc) and then back to an input on the audio interface for recording to a new DAW track. If you are cue/headphone monitoring through the DAW with plugin processing via your audio interface you will have similar issues to contend with. The second image shows the various latency values at a variety of DAW sample rate/buffer settings.
DAW Audio Latency ADAW Latency Numbers A


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